My case had many difficulties and situations that were somewhat outside the normal scope, even within Family Law, and we were faced with a great deal of contention.  Ms. Fitzel maintained a high level of professionalism at all times and helped to ease the stress for me in many ways.  She was always compassionate and willing to listen to my thoughts and suggestions and explained all of her decisions and steps she was taking along the way.  I was never left in the dark and was allowed to have input, which was important to me, as I was the one who had to face the consequences of the outcome whether good or bad. It was reassuring to be granted a voice.  She researched extensively to make sure she didn’t miss any angles that would benefit me and to have the points of law needed to back her arguments in court.  She was very focused and intent on keeping the arguments she used in court concise and using the points that would help us the most and the leaving out the ones that even if valid, would just bog down the case and create delays.  She was very cost conscious while providing exemplary service.  I honestly believe that I could not have gotten a better outcome for the final ruling in my matter.  Ms. Fitzel is dedicated and cares.  I highly recommend Ms. Fitzel for any legal matter.
I would gladly give my name to this review but due to the contentious nature of the case, feel that I need to remain anonymous for personal safety reasons.  Please do not give the review less value or consideration due to the anonymity.