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Unbundled Legal Services

Step By Step Law offers unbundled legal services in family law including legal coaching. Jamie Fitzel has experience in cases regarding family issues in both British Columbia and Alberta. Step By Step Law was started in the Okanagan and moved to Langford in the Victoria area on Vancouver Island in the summer of 2022. Step By Step Law now offers legal help for family court cases on Vancouver Island. We continue to offer services remotely to people with family matters in British Columbia and Alberta. 

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Legal Advice & Resources

As a client, you know your situation best. For your consultation, be prepared to tell the lawyer the facts about your circumstances and provide copies of documents relevant to your legal issues. This will help the lawyer determine what your legal options are.

Lawyers are trained in the law, the justice system and have practical experience from dealing with clients who may have been in similar situations to your own. However, each client carries a unique set of circumstances. You will probably feel uncertain and overwhelmed when faced with a legal issue. Step By Step Law aims to help you understand what to expect during your separation or divorce or other family law issue. We can help you breakdown the process in a way that is more manageable to navigate. 

Step By Step Plan Going Forward

You should leave your consultation knowing your options and what tasks lay ahead. However, if you and the lawyer determine that Step By Step Law is a good fit to serve you, a retainer agreement will be prepared. This agreement between client and lawyer sets out the responsibilities of the client and the lawyer going forward and what steps will be taken. Essentially, at the outset, we outline the parameters of what we are going to do so that you are aware of the expectations, costs and possible outcomes.

Step By Step Law was created with the idea of offering customized legal services for people to have more control over their legal cases. Our services are especially a good fit for people who can do some of the work on their own with a little guidance from a lawyer and who like flat rate and transparent billing. If this sounds like it’s right for you, please book a consultation online to get started.

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Si vous êtes francophone, notre avocate serait ravie de vous offrir un service en français.


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